If you were trying to figure out how to make your wedding reception memorable – congrats – you just did! Hire a New York comedian for your wedding or Hire a New York comedian for your wedding or private party private party and you’ll laugh all the way to the altar and beyond.

This is a win/win solution. Your guests will have something to laugh about (beyond that one relative – you know the one – who hit the open bar too often). And you’ll be the Couple Of The Year.

From performing a wedding ceremony with humor, to emceeing wedding receptions, to performing at birthday parties and holiday parties, I’ve done it all. I can officiate at your wedding (or your dog’s wedding). Or I can just show up for the wedding reception to entertain your guests so they don’t drink up your liquor too early.

Harris will make your ceremony memorable in all the best ways possible. I am convinced that no person could have done a better job at our wedding, and I have no doubt he will do the same for you.” ~ Ron. N

I specialize in “clean comedy”, so you won’t have to worry about offending your Great-aunt Martha, or covering the kiddies’ ears. And I’m easy to work with. Here’s how we get started:

Step 1: You contact me for your soon-to-be-awesome wedding.

Step 2: I send you a preliminary series of questions. Unlike a KGB interrogation, these questions are fun. They’re designed to help me get to know you both a little better, and your answers will be used to draft a customized service for your wedding.

This step may involve a little back-and-forth as you give me your feedback, and we tweak the plan. I like to work with my clients collaboratively because I find this results in a ceremony meaningful and personal. Also, funny.

Step 3: We meet and review the plans for the ceremony. I like to do this in person whether in New York City (I’ll buy ya coffee!) or near you.

Hire a New York comedian for your wedding, reception, or private partySee how easy this is?

You thought it would be difficult to hire a comedian for your wedding – and it couldn’t be simpler!

Just make sure the food is good. Or at least have dogs.

Even better, have both.

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P.S.: Should you trust a comedian to officiate your big day? Absolutely! Check out the rave reviews for just a few of the weddings and private parties Harris has helped make memorable:

“Harris was not only hilarious, but was most accommodating. [Our anniversary party] started a half hour later than we anticipated and he didn’t blink an eye. He asked several questions about the event and who was going to be attending (like if there were going to be children there, so he kept it very clean)… He talked a lot to our audience, which was great, and his prepared material was some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard. I HIGHLY recommend him!” ~ Jim C

Harris went above and beyond [for our wedding]. Traveling far outside of a traditional comedy job for what we wanted he was both professional and accommodating, while delivering an unforgettable experience.” ~ Michael P

“We absolutely LOVED the ceremony and so did everyone who attended the ceremony.  I can not tell you how many people talked about how perfect it was, you were funny, people were crying it was just an all around perfect mix of emotions and you were fantastic!!!! ~ Lisa A

“We chose Harris to officiate at our destination beach wedding after seeing him perform as comic. While he made all of guests laugh during the ceremony there were also times when there wasn’t a dry eye on the beach. He truly caught the essence of me and my husband as a couple. Our ceremony was everything a person would want it to be: beautiful, memorable and unique. It would not have been so without Harris at the helm. Our guests agreed – Harris received high praise from all.”  ~ Deeanna G

“Harris Bloom officiated the Nantucket destination wedding we held for our closest friends and family. The job Harris did simply cannot be overstated. Every picture at the ceremony captures a smile, and sometime full out laughter, on each face in attendance. Our guests have repeatedly told us what an incredible weekend they had, and when they do, they ALWAYS include Harris as an integral part of it. Your officiant should not be an afterthought. Harris will make your ceremony memorable in all the best ways possible. Harris takes his preparation very seriously. He will ask a few questions of you as a couple that help him truly understand the essence of who you are. Your answers are then integrated into his delivery at the service that is poignant, hilarious, thoughtful and sincere, all properly timed at the perfect moments. I am convinced that no person could have done a better job at our wedding, and I have no doubt he will do the same for you.” ~ Ron N.

I had a great time and was extremely pleased with Harris. I booked him for my wife’s 40th birthday party, and he arrived on time, was very polite, and some party guests had to stop eating because otherwise they would have choked. (It can be dangerous to eat and listen to Mr. Bloom. 🙂 The nicest part was that he customized his routine by asking questions about my wife and I prior to the event. Then he used what he learned to improvise very respectfully. Harris just knocked it out of the park. I would highly recommend Harris Bloom.” ~ Jose Murga

Harris delivered an incredible ceremony for our Chinese-style wedding. I knew that he had no idea what he was getting himself into – not very many people are prepared for a Chinese banquet reception – but his delivery was flawless. His speech managed to be both sentimental and funny; when my husband started to tear up, Harris queued up a funny comment to save the day. Amazing ceremony aside, Harris was very professional, and went above and beyond in meeting us, researching on our wedding website and arrived an hour early just to make sure that everything was in place. He is very accommodating, funny, and all together a great guy with a lot of talent. Thank you! ~ Janice W.