Clean Comedians NYC

Clean comedians are becoming more and more popular today as people tire of profanity-laced monologues.

The basis for clean comedy is the belief that it’s not necessary to be foul, to be funny. It’s the belief that it is possible to be hilarious without offending anyone. From coast -to-coast, more comedians are changing their routines to become clean comedians. And, from coast-to-coast, audiences are roaring with laughter in agreement.

Do you want your event to run smoothly and keep people engaged? Do you want all members of your audience to be comfortable, relaxed, and entertained throughout? Do you want to be able to relax, secure in the knowledge that your stand-up comedian won’t embarrass you, your organization or family, or your guests?

If your answer to any of the above is, “Yes!”, you want to hire a clean comedian like Harris Bloom. Harris will use his impeccable timing and humor to emcee your event, with wit and wisdom that everyone can enjoy.

Every audience member will be part of a hilarious laugh-out-loud experience they will remember (and talk about) for years.  And with  over 10 years of experience successfully conducting events for corporations, non-profits, and private parties, Harris takes the pressure off event planners and HR. Whether you book Harris to perform at a temple or church event, corporate event, comedy fundraiser, wedding reception, or private party, a clean comedian like Harris creates laughter you can trust.  

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