“Harris Bloom is the best standup comedian in New York and in the history of civilization.” ~ Lee Bloom (who may or may not be Harris’ mom)

So you’re looking for a professional standup comedian in New York Cityharris-sit-r-500x700

However you found me, I’m glad you did! And I am assuming you want to know a little more about exactly how weird I am…

The good news is, I’m not that different from most New Yorkers (take that however you want). I lead an insanely busy life, thanks in part to being a husband, father, and – of course – a standup comedian.

I perform at all kinds of comedy shows, mostly in the New York City area, but I’ve been known to hop a train or two. I am one of New York’s “clean comedians” and that means that, whether your event is a temple show, a fundraiser, a corporate event, or any type of private party, you know the “funny” won’t be marred by “foul”.

My Mom thinks I’m the world’s best comedian (or, at least, in the Tri-State Area… OK, in the whole of New York). And I agree. But if you’d like to see first-hand proof that I’m awesome, check out my videos. (If you’d prefer to take someone else’s word for it (besides my mom), check out my Applause!

But wait – there’s more! I also have a gorgeous wife, two adorable kids, and an incontinent cockapoo at home. Speaking of which, does anyone in New York City need a gently used rug from a really funny stand-up comedian??

(When I’m not slinging comedy, I also work as a non-union actor, a writer, and I run my own non-profit, Stewie to the Rescue, a New York animal rescue foundation.)

Click here to download comedian and stand-up comic Harris Bloom’s resume.